Well damn


I promise that you are an embarrassment. 

I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me… now I look around and wonder if I like them.
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Willst du mit mir drogen nehmen?

Bless your parents for doin the do that created u cause u r attractive

Is drinking red bull at 12:30 am a wise plan before going to bed?


The Ten Most Important Literary Works In Human History

  1. Shakespeare’s Hamlet
  2. Joyce’s Ulysses 
  3. Shelley’s Frankenstein
  4. Homer’s Odyssey
  5. Austen’s Pride And Prejudice
  6. God’s The Holy Bible
  7. Cervantes’ Don Quixote
  8. An article I saw online a few months ago that was called something like “The Twenty Best Side Boob Pics You’ll Ever See”
  9. Dostoyevsky’s Crime And Punishment 
  10. Woolf’s To The Lighthouse